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Hello girls!. Today I give a another huge welcome to another great person that I need to say is my lovely friend since I started this crazy idea of sharing my designs with all of you!. What I could say about her?.. She is just really a great woman!. And besides I know she is so shy, for me was really shocking when I saw she took her picture with the dress for her nails!. OMG!!! What a great detail she did to show who is behind If you love to see a lot of great designs from different Nail Art Designers, go and check her page and give her a LIKE!.

Let's welcome Cecilia from!!!...


First of all Hello! and Thank you, Carolina for giving me this amazing opportunity – this is my first guest post ever and it got me sweating more than a boot camp training!

Since she so kindly invited me to contribute with my modest designs to her wonderful, so creative page, I got through an entire laborious period of coming up with an honorable manicure that would fit in Carolina’s glam-themed page. And I started thinking about something I read at one point – that photographing nails is like yoga. For fingers! The journey to finding the inspiration behind today’s nails is that of a seeker looking for a spiritual epiphany.

Because I wanted these nails to speak about me. To tell my story to Carolina’s readers. And I’m happy to say that the idea is exactly as I imagined it would be, the result tells the story of ‘me’. Oh, where are my manners? Hi everyone! I’m Cecilia from!

I’m a child of DIY fashion. I grew up surrounded by piles of self-tailored clothes and tons of paintings. My mother, a very talented artist (painter, mostly, but her creativity knows no boundaries when it gets in motion) would rather cut and sew a dress or paint a vase with poppies than follow a cake recipe to the letter! She passed that creative thirst onto me. And I am now passing it on to my children by showing them the magic of DIY.

Which brings me (finally!) to the nails I did today! Inspired by a dress I bought up at H&M years ago. I loved this dress and wore it almost each and every summer. But as years went by, I felt uneasy wearing it as it is fairly short and summer wind is hardly discrete. As I wasn't ready to part ways with this dress, I turned it into a skirt. And I love it! Polka dots prints are always joyful and since these are so big and in black and white, they don’t feel as busy as they could’ve been while the red anchors here and there spice the print to the perfect summer point!

So not only is this skirt/dress one of my favorite things to wear, but this manicure is something I love wearing a lot. French gradient is, in my opinion, much more sophisticated and beautiful than classic crisp French and the minimalist accent dots/anchors is playful, versatile but still very wearable. 

Should you choose to replicate my manicure, you can do it so many different ways: you can wear it simply, as a French gradient. You can spice it up by adding the dotted accent nail with or without the red anchors, with or without the other nails being dotted as well!

For these nails I used a pink-ish OPI nail polish as base (Heart Throb), a sponge and white cream polish (OPI Alpine Snow) for the French gradient. I applied a second layer of OPI’s Hearth Throb and topped it with a layer of Orly French (Softest White, for the creamy, foggy texture I like so much about gradients). I applied the black cream polish (OPI Onyx) dots with a simple ball point needle and freehanded the anchors with a very fine brush dipped in OPI red polish (On Collins Ave). Sealed it with OPI’s RapiDry topcoat.

Thank you Carolina! I hope you enjoyed my nails (and my story) and I hope they brought just a tiny teeny dot of inspiration. 


To see more of the Nail Art Collection from Cecilia you could do it here:


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