Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 1

Hello Everyone!!  I'm so excited because finally I decided to start my blog to share my nail art designs to all of you. I must say that it's the first time I try to make a blog. So it's more less difficult to know where to start. 

I spent A LOT of time searching for nail art inspiration around the world. And after saw thousands of pictures of a very amazing nail art designers, I wanted to try to do something different. 

Question was... "¿Which will be my nail art inspiration to start my blog?" and the answer was not really difficult. 

So here is my first Fondant Cakes Nail Art Design. I must say I'm IN LOVE with Dots, so won't be surprised to see a lot of my nail art design with a lot of dots and stripes. 

I hope you like it and thanks for share my nail art. Just one thing: DO NOT FORGET to give me credit if you use my pictures. I think is a matter of respect, don't you think?