My Nail Polish Collection

Wow!!!.. I must say I'm really a Nail Polish Addict!!!..

I'm always searching for new colors all the time. And the worst thing, when I find them I can't avoid buy them!!.
My family always say the same: ¿Another one?, ¿Isn't the same color?, ¿Don't you think you have a lot?.
And my answers are always: "Of course is not the same color!!, is almost, but not really", "I couldn't avoid to buy them!, I have to!".
But what I think a really nail polish addict will say "IS NEVER ENOUGH!!".

In this page I will post all my collection of nail polish that I think until now (Aug 7th, 2013) is almost 300 polishes maybe more and increasing!!. Most of them are solid colors but also Glitters which I LOVE THEM!!..

Unfortunately I didn't took a picture every time I bought one, but I will start doing swatches and comments about the new once.

The brands I love and I mostly use for my designs are:


Jessica Cosmetics
Sally Hansen
NINA Ultra Pro by Sally Beauty
China Glaze
Sinfulcolors Professional

But I keep on looking for new brands or all kind of polish and test them until I could say I like it.

Here is my collection of nail polish!!!

Hope you like it!!!..

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