Monday, August 5, 2013

Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 6

Hi Everyone.
This is a design I think even if it looks so simple, don't lose that touch of glamour. ¿What do you think?.


Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 5

Hello Everyone. Today I decided to do an easy , very easy design. I felt like I need a break!. But it really looks nice after all!!.


Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 4

Hello Everyone!!. This is the design that it really make me suffer!!!..
First the pink wasn't really the one I wanted. So I had to do 5 layers to get that color. I could say that Revlon is not really my best nail polish. Then I had to do the cream color. And also, I didn't have the right one, so I had to mix white with cream in 4 layers. Which means where so difficult to dry. But at the end, was worth it.

One of the best designs I did until now.
The pink with black and cream make it look so cute!!.. Good idea to make a design separately.


Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 3

Here is my 3rd design with my inspiration idea taken from a Fondant Cake from by Patricia Arrib√°lzaga from Barcelona, Spain. By the way, her webpage was the first once I saw of fondant cakes and was SO NICE that I couldn't resist doing a design. I think is one of the cutest I did until now!!!.

I also did the french style also as I thought before remove it ¿How it would look like?.
The color combo make it look great!!.

SPECIAL THANKS to Patricia Arrib√°lzaga for authorized me to post her picture and of course to allow me to use it in one of my new designs!!!


Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 2

Hello Everyone!. Today I realized that is more difficult to design a Blogg and a Facebook page than a Nail Design!!.. My Gosh!!. But I hope I can make it better everyday.

¿How I come up with the idea to start doing Fondant Cakes Designs?. Well, all started when my Spanish friend who bake and do amazing fondant cakes told me as a joke: "¿Why you don't do it in nails?". And I started to picked the nicest fondant cakes to start my designs 2 weeks ago. Means all the designs I will post are recent. 

Too funny... Now I think is more like a "challenge" to see how many fondant cakes designs I could do!!. Let's see what happen!!.

I still need to say that to do thick stripes for me aren't easy, specially at 8 pm!. LOL

Hope you like them as much as I like them. :)