Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello girls!. Today I give a huge welcome to another talented girl, which I love and enjoy her beautiful designs with roses and of course great tutorials!. I found her mid of last year where I saw her designs on Instagram also. I really got shock with her nail art and I couldn't stop following her. She was the first person I used a design for inspiration of one of mine for a challenge!. If you love to learn how to do all kin of flowers or just amazing designs, go and check her page and give her a LIKE!.

Let's welcome Christabell from ChristabellNails!!!...


I love the Nail Art Community and was tickled pink when Carolina asked me to participate as one of her guest bloggers. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of design to do at first but wanted it to be something that represented me but also represented Carolina. My favorite type of design is FLORAL. I LOVE floral nail art. I don’t know what it is about a floral design but when I see one I always pause and look. Floral designs are definitely my go-to favorite. So, it was decided … I was going to do a floral mani. But I wanted to do something that also represented Carolina and I loved the collage of nails that Carolina posted where each nail design matched an outfit. BINGO! That’s it I would do a floral design that matched a floral printed dress.

So here is where I have to confess I did things a bit backwards. I typically do a few tutorials on the weekend so that I can post them throughout the week. I had planned on getting a few tutorials done and out of the way before I sat down to figure out what I was going to do for Carolina’s guest blog. When I paint my nails, I often start out with a design in mind and by the time I’m done I have done something completely different and that’s what happened here.

I had planned on doing a beige, gold and white design based on a wedding cake that I had saved a picture of. I painted my beige base and went to eat supper. When I came back upstairs to my nail room I completely forgot what I was doing. I sat and looked at my nails trying to figure out what type of tutorial I wanted to do. Before I knew it I was painting swirls of gold and adding flowers to my nails. It was really coming together and looking so pretty. I did my middle finger first and added a matte top coat. As soon as it was dry I immediately thought it looked like a rich lace with gold appliques like you would see on a wedding dress or a vintage gown. I knew right then and there that I was going to finish these nails and find a beautiful clothing item to pair these with for Carolina’s guest blog. So that’s exactly what I did.

The polishes that were used for this design include Maybelline Color Show Sandstorm (beige), OPI Gwen Stefani Love Angel Music Baby (gold), Motives Wedding Dress (white), and topped with China Glaze Matte Magic. I am absolutely obsessed with gold polishes. I love them with a Matte finish and with a Gloss finish. I am dying to get my hands on a bottle of Mine Lacquer gold polish but my pocketbook says no right now. Someday though … someday!

Carolina, Thank You for asking me to participate in your guest blog. I have been so fortunate to meet so many great people from all over the world since I started down this nail art road and I’m happy to add you to that list.

Some close up looks:

If you are not already following me here are 10 little getting-to-know-me facts:

1. My name is Christabell … it’s all one word and it drives me crazy when people call me Christa and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have to correct at least one person on my name
2. I’m named after my grandmother (first and middle name)
3. Nail art is a hobby not a profession for me that I’ve been doing it for a little over a year and during that time have collected hundreds of bottles of polish
4. I can listen to the same song on repeat all day long
5. I’m obsessed with song lyrics and wish I knew how to write lyrics because wow what a talent that would be
6. I love X Factor, The Voice, and American Idol … love love love music
7. I have two tattoos with the letter ‘J’, and my next one will also have a ‘J’
8. I love Coffee and suggest people do not engage in conversation with me in the morning until I’ve had at least a few sips. I love dark coffee straight up without milk/cream or sugar
9. I love a movie that make me cry, tv shows that makes me cry, commercials, youtube videos, etc.
10. This gold floral nail art marks my 100th tutorial on YouTube and I’m so happy that it worked out that way because it seems fitting to share it this way with this rich nail art

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Thanks so much and happy painting  Christabell (all one word ;)