Friday, March 28, 2014


Hello girls!. Today I give a another huge welcome to another great person that I need to say is my lovely friend since I started this crazy idea of sharing my designs with all of you!. What I could say about her?.. She is just really a great woman!. And besides I know she is so shy, for me was really shocking when I saw she took her picture with the dress for her nails!. OMG!!! What a great detail she did to show who is behind If you love to see a lot of great designs from different Nail Art Designers, go and check her page and give her a LIKE!.

Let's welcome Cecilia from!!!...


First of all Hello! and Thank you, Carolina for giving me this amazing opportunity – this is my first guest post ever and it got me sweating more than a boot camp training!

Since she so kindly invited me to contribute with my modest designs to her wonderful, so creative page, I got through an entire laborious period of coming up with an honorable manicure that would fit in Carolina’s glam-themed page. And I started thinking about something I read at one point – that photographing nails is like yoga. For fingers! The journey to finding the inspiration behind today’s nails is that of a seeker looking for a spiritual epiphany.

Because I wanted these nails to speak about me. To tell my story to Carolina’s readers. And I’m happy to say that the idea is exactly as I imagined it would be, the result tells the story of ‘me’. Oh, where are my manners? Hi everyone! I’m Cecilia from!

I’m a child of DIY fashion. I grew up surrounded by piles of self-tailored clothes and tons of paintings. My mother, a very talented artist (painter, mostly, but her creativity knows no boundaries when it gets in motion) would rather cut and sew a dress or paint a vase with poppies than follow a cake recipe to the letter! She passed that creative thirst onto me. And I am now passing it on to my children by showing them the magic of DIY.

Which brings me (finally!) to the nails I did today! Inspired by a dress I bought up at H&M years ago. I loved this dress and wore it almost each and every summer. But as years went by, I felt uneasy wearing it as it is fairly short and summer wind is hardly discrete. As I wasn't ready to part ways with this dress, I turned it into a skirt. And I love it! Polka dots prints are always joyful and since these are so big and in black and white, they don’t feel as busy as they could’ve been while the red anchors here and there spice the print to the perfect summer point!

So not only is this skirt/dress one of my favorite things to wear, but this manicure is something I love wearing a lot. French gradient is, in my opinion, much more sophisticated and beautiful than classic crisp French and the minimalist accent dots/anchors is playful, versatile but still very wearable. 

Should you choose to replicate my manicure, you can do it so many different ways: you can wear it simply, as a French gradient. You can spice it up by adding the dotted accent nail with or without the red anchors, with or without the other nails being dotted as well!

For these nails I used a pink-ish OPI nail polish as base (Heart Throb), a sponge and white cream polish (OPI Alpine Snow) for the French gradient. I applied a second layer of OPI’s Hearth Throb and topped it with a layer of Orly French (Softest White, for the creamy, foggy texture I like so much about gradients). I applied the black cream polish (OPI Onyx) dots with a simple ball point needle and freehanded the anchors with a very fine brush dipped in OPI red polish (On Collins Ave). Sealed it with OPI’s RapiDry topcoat.

Thank you Carolina! I hope you enjoyed my nails (and my story) and I hope they brought just a tiny teeny dot of inspiration. 


To see more of the Nail Art Collection from Cecilia you could do it here:



Hey girls!!! Finally I could paint my nails after so many days and here is what I did to share with you!
Later I will be sharing also the Guest Post I have, so stay tune!!

** Hola chicas!!! Finalmente pude pintarme las uñas después de tantos días y aquí esta el diseño que hice para compartirlo con ustedes!
Mas tarde estaré compartiendo el Gues Post que tengo, asi que estes pendientes!! **

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A little bit of humor tonight... but I do feel so happy when I get a new polish!!

Sorry girls for being out some days but work is taking so much time and I miss paint my nails so much!
But I hope by Monday I will return with some nice designs!!!
Have an amazing day or night!

** Un poco de humor esta noche.... pero yo si me siento super feliz cuando tengo un nuevo esmalte!!!
Perdonen chicas por estar ausente estos días, pero el trabajo me quita mucho tiempo y extraño pintarme las uñas! !! Pero espero que para el lunes regrese con algunos diseños nuevos!!!! Que tengan un increíble dia o noche!!! **

Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello girls!. Today I give a huge welcome to another talented girl, which I love and enjoy her beautiful designs with roses and of course great tutorials!. I found her mid of last year where I saw her designs on Instagram also. I really got shock with her nail art and I couldn't stop following her. She was the first person I used a design for inspiration of one of mine for a challenge!. If you love to learn how to do all kin of flowers or just amazing designs, go and check her page and give her a LIKE!.

Let's welcome Christabell from ChristabellNails!!!...


I love the Nail Art Community and was tickled pink when Carolina asked me to participate as one of her guest bloggers. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of design to do at first but wanted it to be something that represented me but also represented Carolina. My favorite type of design is FLORAL. I LOVE floral nail art. I don’t know what it is about a floral design but when I see one I always pause and look. Floral designs are definitely my go-to favorite. So, it was decided … I was going to do a floral mani. But I wanted to do something that also represented Carolina and I loved the collage of nails that Carolina posted where each nail design matched an outfit. BINGO! That’s it I would do a floral design that matched a floral printed dress.

So here is where I have to confess I did things a bit backwards. I typically do a few tutorials on the weekend so that I can post them throughout the week. I had planned on getting a few tutorials done and out of the way before I sat down to figure out what I was going to do for Carolina’s guest blog. When I paint my nails, I often start out with a design in mind and by the time I’m done I have done something completely different and that’s what happened here.

I had planned on doing a beige, gold and white design based on a wedding cake that I had saved a picture of. I painted my beige base and went to eat supper. When I came back upstairs to my nail room I completely forgot what I was doing. I sat and looked at my nails trying to figure out what type of tutorial I wanted to do. Before I knew it I was painting swirls of gold and adding flowers to my nails. It was really coming together and looking so pretty. I did my middle finger first and added a matte top coat. As soon as it was dry I immediately thought it looked like a rich lace with gold appliques like you would see on a wedding dress or a vintage gown. I knew right then and there that I was going to finish these nails and find a beautiful clothing item to pair these with for Carolina’s guest blog. So that’s exactly what I did.

The polishes that were used for this design include Maybelline Color Show Sandstorm (beige), OPI Gwen Stefani Love Angel Music Baby (gold), Motives Wedding Dress (white), and topped with China Glaze Matte Magic. I am absolutely obsessed with gold polishes. I love them with a Matte finish and with a Gloss finish. I am dying to get my hands on a bottle of Mine Lacquer gold polish but my pocketbook says no right now. Someday though … someday!

Carolina, Thank You for asking me to participate in your guest blog. I have been so fortunate to meet so many great people from all over the world since I started down this nail art road and I’m happy to add you to that list.

Some close up looks:

If you are not already following me here are 10 little getting-to-know-me facts:

1. My name is Christabell … it’s all one word and it drives me crazy when people call me Christa and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have to correct at least one person on my name
2. I’m named after my grandmother (first and middle name)
3. Nail art is a hobby not a profession for me that I’ve been doing it for a little over a year and during that time have collected hundreds of bottles of polish
4. I can listen to the same song on repeat all day long
5. I’m obsessed with song lyrics and wish I knew how to write lyrics because wow what a talent that would be
6. I love X Factor, The Voice, and American Idol … love love love music
7. I have two tattoos with the letter ‘J’, and my next one will also have a ‘J’
8. I love Coffee and suggest people do not engage in conversation with me in the morning until I’ve had at least a few sips. I love dark coffee straight up without milk/cream or sugar
9. I love a movie that make me cry, tv shows that makes me cry, commercials, youtube videos, etc.
10. This gold floral nail art marks my 100th tutorial on YouTube and I’m so happy that it worked out that way because it seems fitting to share it this way with this rich nail art

If you want to visit me you can find me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitter:

Instagram: @ChristabellNails 
Twitter: @ChristabellNail 

Thanks so much and happy painting  Christabell (all one word ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hi girls! Finally finish the 2nd design with the other part of the polishes for the China Glaze collection. It looks like a pastel but bright colors. I like at the end how this look! What about you? See you tomorrow with more designs!

** Hola chicas! Finalmente ternine el 2ndo diseño con los otros colores de la colección de China Glaze. Parecen colores pasteles pero brillantes. Al final me gusto mucho como se ve! Y a ustedes? Las veo mañana con mas diseños! **


Soooo here is my first design using 7 colors of the "City Flourish Collection" by @China Glaze. And of course has to be with flowers! What do you think? I love the color mix I did!

** Pueeeees aqui esta mi primer diseño usando 7 de los colores de la colección de "City Flourish" de China Glaze. Y por supuesto tenia que tener flores! Que les parece? Me encantó la mezcla de colores que hice! **

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello girls! Let's start the morning with a little bit of humor.... but isn't this true? Lol
I'll come back later with a design! Enjoy the day!

** Hola chicas! Empecemos el día con un poco de humor.... pero a poco no es cierto lo que dice? Lol
Regreso al rato con un diseño!
Disfruten su día! **

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hello girls!!! So happy because finally the whole China Glaze collection arrived!!! So you could imagine I start using some if them to design! Here is a sneak peek if the colors! I'm in the swatching process.... come back soon!
Happy Saturday!!!

** Hola chicas!!! Super feliz porque ya recibi la colección completa de China Glaze!!! Así que se pueden inaginar que empecé a usarlos para diseñar! Aqui esta un adelanto de los colores! Estoy en el proceso de hacer los swatches... regresaré pronto!
Feliz Sábado!!! **

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello girls!. Today I give a huge welcome to another talented girl, which I’m a huge fan of her swatches!. I found her end of last year where I saw her designs on Instagram when I started sharing my designs there. She was the first person I started writing comments and interact with, which was a nice thing to found her because I was so shy at the moment to write a comment!. If you love to see reviews of new polishes or just amazing designs, go and check her page!.

Let's welcome Anutka from Wacky Laki!!!...

To see all the guest post she share with us please go to my Blog or do click in the link below!. I hope you like this design as much as I did and I need to confess that I shout when I saw it!.

Thanks Anutka for this Guest Post!. =)


Hi Everyone! My name is Anutka and from the blog Wacky Laki. I'm really excited to be guest posting here today for the always sweet Carolina. I first got introduced to Carolina's nail art on Instagram when we discovered our mutual love for fashion inspired manicures. In honor of that, when Carolina asked me to write a guest post for her blog, I knew right away that I had to create something fashion inspired...

My inspiration came from this gorgeous pair of peacock shoes. I stumbled on this photo online and instantly knew that I wanted to try to recreate it...

For the manicure, I used a base of OPI Don't Talk Bach to Me, a chartreuse cream with a pearly shimmer. I applied peacock feather decals which I purchased from Ebay to the tips of my nails. The decals on their own seems a bit bland and not very festive, so I accented them with teal glitter and a bit of Nicole by OPI Emerald Empowered...

I don't think that I would have normally chosen to pair these colors together, but I love the way they look. For me, that is great thing about finding inspiration in fashion or other things around us. It provides the opportunity to try colors, patterns, ideas that we might not try on our own...

I hope you enjoyed this manicure!
A big thank you to Carolina for having me here today! :)

Thanks for looking!


To see more of the Nail Art from Anutka you could do it here:

Instagram @wackylaki