Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello girls!. 
As most of you notice on Facebook, there is a movement since few weeks ago around the Nail Art community call #sharethelove #comparteelamor. 

This movement is to share webpages and that you hardly see because of the FB decimation of posts from our FB feeds that not all we post are seeing. 

I am so happy to be part of the moment and I would like to invite all of you to participate. Share your links below so I can add them to the list, and I will appreciate if you could share mine also!. 

Thanks so much and let's share love!. 

To have all the links in one place, I create this Share The Love List so I could be updating the list with all your lovely and amazing pages!. 


Hello girls!. Today is a day to SHARE LOVE!. 

For all you have a Nail Art Page or Beauty Page and you would like to be part of this, you just need to do this: 

1. Click LIKE to this post so we know you are participating.
2. Click LIKE to my page ( and share the link of my page in your wall using the hashtags #comparteelamor #sharethelove 
3. Leave your URL for your FB page in the comments below. 
4. Be sure you Like & Share the girl's FB pages that participate. When you do that click LIKE in the comments of the girls you follow write a comments says "Share" so they know you did it. 
5. NO links in the wall please!. The only way to participate is in this post so all the girls could see who is sharing love!. 

Give is receive! So let's SHARE LOVE!.
¿Who is in?

** Hola chicas!. Hoy es un día para COMPARTIR AMOR!

Para todas las que tengan página de uñas o de belleza y les gustaría formar parte de esto, hagan esto: 

1. Dale like a este estado para que sepa que estás participando.
2. Dale like a mi página ( y compártela en la tuya (puedes usar los hashtags #comparteelamor #sharethelove).
2. Deja en el comentario la URL de tu página de Facebook (sólo FB).
3. Asegúrate de seguir y compartir al resto de chic@s que participan, para ello dale like a sus comentarios y comenta debajo con un "comparto".
4. Sólo páginas de belleza y uñas, por favor.
5. No links en el muro, la forma de participar es en este estado para que así todas las chicas puedan revisar vuestras páginas.

Dar es recibir así que vamos a empezar a repartir amor.

¿Quién se apunta? **