Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Polka Dots Green, White & Black


I did the design in the morning for a very special person, that since I started with the crazy idea of doing a Blogg and Facebook to share my nail art is there couching me in everything I ask for.

Jin Jit for Superficially Colorful  http://superficiallycolorful.blogspot.mx/
Jin Jit, I really appreciate all your help and I can't do better than design something for you. I hope you like it!.

Fondant Cake Nail Art Inspiration - Day 7

Hello Ladies!!!.
Today I'm soooooo happy because a brand of nail polish will start posting my designs in the Facebook page of them here in Mexico!!!!... Which is such an amazing news!!!!!... and a HUGE commitment. 

I wish I could have more time to post all my designs right away so you can see them all... but it's taking me a long time to understand how Facebook and Blogger works!

Here is another design to continue with the Fondant Cakes. I said to myself I will try to do at least 10 so almost done!!!.. 

Hope you like it and thanks for follow me!!.. Is good to know there is someone out there seeing my designs. 


And some girls ask me if I could post the colors I'm usng for my designs.... Well here they are!!!.. 


From left to right are:

- Sunrise Canyon by Color Club (This is a brand new color I just bought and is so creamy and the color is
- Green With Envy by Sally Hansen  (I love this nail polish. With just one coat is perfect)
- Escaping Reality by China Glaze (Ok this is a tuff color. I had to put 3 coats to get the color)
- Blue Me Away! by Sally Hansen 
- Where's The  Soiree by Color Club