Friday, September 27, 2013


Day 24 for the #31DC2013
After look for many books trying to find one that I use for inspiration, I found this! I like it also because of the colors that are not common. Hope you like it! P.S I hate when days are clawdy, don't help my mood to design nails 

** Día 24 del Reto
Después de ver muchos libros tratando de encontrar uno para usarlo como inspiración, finalmente encontré este! Me gusto también porque los colores no son tan comunes. Espero les guste! P.D. No me gustan los días nublados, no me ayudan mucho para diseñar uñas  **



Here is the polishe I used:

- 1280 Boo-Gie Down by China Glaze
- 945 Life Preserver by China Glaze
- NL G22 Schnapps Out Of It! by OPI
- 854 Where's The Soiree by China Glaze

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