Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gwen Stefani & Brazil OPI Collections

Yeeeeiiii!!! Finally I got the 12 polishes I ordered for this 2 collections... as they say "better now than never" So I'm super happy!! Let's see what I can design with all this new once!! What you would like to see? Polka dots, stripes, pattern mix, skittle? Tell me and I do it!!

** Yeeeiiiii!!! Finalmente tengo los 12 esmaltes que ordene de las 2 colecciones.... como dicen "mas vale tarde que nunca" Estoy super feliz!! Vamos a ver que diseño con todos estos nuevos!! Que les gustaría que diseñara? Puntos, lineas, patrones combinados, skittle? Diganme y lo hago! **

1 comment:

  1. Pattern mix would be my choice. Lovely colors by the way!