Wednesday, February 12, 2014

8,000+ FB Followers

Awwww!, until now I have the opportunity to post something to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for want to be part of my Nail Art World!. 

Is a huge commitment for me to keep designing different option for you to be inspired!.

I would love you keep on sharing my page, designs but MOSTLY that you participate with me with your comments, your suggestion, what you would like to see or what you would like me to designs, etc...

For all that are asking me to do Tutorials... I will have a surprise soon!.

And as I'm so exited and happy for this, I finally will launch my 1rst Giveaway!. So stay tune the coming days to see prices and how to participate!.


  1. Congratulations for this achievement and I wish you a lot more followers!

    1. Thank you so much!!!.. Is so hard to get followers nowadays... and specially that read their post!. But let's keep on doing what I love!!!.. Don't miss my Giveaway!!!.. =)